Get faster and better insights from your data

Use our platform to interact with data in ways you’ve never thought possible.



Anabrix is a completely new approach of interacting with data

No more need to access different platforms and reports to get the information you need to run your business. Our platform integrates data from text files, databases, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Built for users.

Anabrix is a completely new approach of interacting with data and getting insights out of it.


Faster insights

No more tedious analysing and drilling through endless results in order to find interesting subdivisions of data. Our platform suggest interesting patterns, subdivisions or outliers for you as you work with your data.

Access all your data

Whether is stored in a database, text files, in Google Analytics or Google Adwords, it can be made available easily.


Combine data

Show data from your operational system, Google Analytics and Google Adwords in one dashboard.


Include manual data

Add your own data if you need it, without help from the IT guys.

Intelligent date handling

Dates can be aggregated and selected on the week, month, quarter or year level without complicated functions. Relative date selections are built in for all dates. Oh and dates are automatically detected, even in manual data or text files.

Built for users

The platform is designed from the ground-up to be used by business users without the need from IT people. Data can be integrated, filtered, exported into Excel without IT.

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaboration will be integrated in the platform and is already reflected in the pricing model.


The platform is affordable, also for small companies with limited budgets.