The core aspects of our platform

Anabrix is a completely new approach of interacting with data and getting insights out of it

Fast insights

No more tedious analysing and drilling through endless results in order to find interesting subdivisions of data. Our platform suggest interesting patterns, subdivisions or outliers for you as you work with your data. This gives you faster results that you can use in your business rather than spend time clicking through endless results in the hope of finding interesting patterns.

No need anymore to hire data scientists or use complicated statistical packages to get real-world usable insights that were previously only accessible by either hiring advanced staff or buying complicated software. Our intuitive software will give you usable insights that can be used directly in your business using your own data. Due to the intuitive interface you will not notice the underlying advanced algorithms that are at the heart of the insights discovery.

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Easy data combinations

Problems adding data due to hard to use interfaces, different formats or structure, unknown extensions or other things you need your IT department for are gone. Everything can be done by you using an intuitive automatic interface and ready-to-use snap-in adapters for the systems or data you need in your industry. There is no need anymore for manually matching columns or data, the system recognises the data patterns and will do it for you. Issues due to duplicate category or product names, missing values or numbers can be solved by you without the need for a technical person due to our intuitive transformation cards with live examples and how-to-use instructions. There is no need anymore for technical functions, code or transformations to extend, clean or refine the data, everything can be done by you using our extensive library of transformations created to make life as easy as possible analysing your data.

True collaboration

No need to send Excel-sheets, PDF-reports or Powerpoints to your colleagues or partners to discuss your findings and in that way have different flows of communications around your analysis in mail, real life or other channels. Our platform instead can gather all communication around the analysis and thus enables you to discuss and collaborate with anyone on an analysis. Our flexible licensing also enables your coworkers to easily use the platform as needed.

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Do it yourself, without IT

Our platform has been created from the ground up to enable you to analyse data without the need for costly or long-running IT projects. Everything is created with the business user in mind, ranging from the intuitive user interface, the easy-to-use snap-in data adapters to our outstanding customer service that will help you with anything you need.